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Fill Their Bowls… Not The Animal Shelter:

Space Coast Kibble Kitchen is Brevard County’s only Pet Food Bank established in 2010 to assist local families while reducing the number of animals being euthanized in our local shelters.

To many of us our pets are part of our family, our furry children so to speak!  Because pet food is not eligible for purchase with any type of Government assistance, many families with children can no longer afford to feed both their family and their pets.  For many, the only option is to surrender their pets to their local animal shelter. This is where Space Coast Kibble Kitchen (SCKK) steps in to help. We currently serve over 120 families and feed over 500 pets monthly.

Even though Pet food Banks are included in the “No Kill Equation”, they are excluded from applying for the majority of Animal Welfare Grants because of the requirement of being a Rescue or Shelter.

Because of an unfortunate slowdown in food and especially financial donations, we are at risk of being unable to help the families and pets who rely so heavily on SCKK to help fill their pet’s bowl.  We need your help!