Brevard ASAP

Brevard Adding Shelter Animals ProjectBrevard ASAP:  A 501(c)(3) Florida non-profit corporation with one mission—to generate resources to enhance Brevard County’s animal shelters.  With four primary goals, Brevard ASAP is raising funds and other resources to accomplish the following:

  • Develop low-cost or no-cost spay and neuter programs throughout the County, especially for low-income families.  The simplest way to achieve the shelters’ goal of becoming no-kill facilities is to stop the influx of unwanted animals into our shelters.  And the simplest solution to this daily flood of unwanted animals is spaying or neutering our pets.
  • Enhance our shelters by improving their facilities, programs, and operations.  These enhancements will ensure a better experience for shelter animals and staff, improving each animal’s chances for adoption into a loving home.
  • Increase adoptions by creating programs and opportunities County-wide which make shelter animals more accessible to the public.  Making our animals available to meet pet-lovers during non-work hours creates more adoption stories with happy endings.
  • Educate the community, including our children, about all aspects of proper pet care.  The no-kill goal in our shelters will be possible only when the public understands that pets are a life-long commitment, which includes preventing unintended litters.

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