Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Space Coast Kibble Kitchen?

A: Space Coast Kibble Kitchen is a regional Florida 501(c)(3) non-profit pet food bank that has been helping less fortunate families throughout the Space Coast since 2010.  Simply put: SCKK’s objective is to help provide pet food to low income families that meet standard guidelines for Government Food Assistance in order to keep these families from doing what none of us would ever want to do: abandon our furry friends!  While this task may seem daunting, hearing tearful stories thanking SCKK for pet food for what would have otherwise been another abandoned pet is heartwarming.  We help fill their bowls so as to not fill the animal shelter.

Q: I could use your help feeding my pet(s) what do I need to do?

A: First thing you need to is to click here to read our qualification guidelines. If you feel you qualify, then the next thing to do is download our ____________form and bring it to our next distribution.

Q: Where is the monthly distribution?

A; Our distributions are held at:

Telecommunication Support Services (TSS)
720 North Drive
Melbourne, FL 32935

Please note that TSS donates storage and distribution facility space but is not affiliated with SCKK.  The Application for Assistance includes releasing TSS from liability for injuries or vehicle damage on TSS property.

Q: I have never been to a distribution, what should I expect?

A: Distribution Day can and often is a bit hectic.  There is, however, a method to the madness.  Here is what you can expect (and what to do) the day of distribution (in order):

1st line (outside line)
1st line (outside line)

Arrive prior to 9am (many people arrive between 8am and 9am) and get in the first queue (line of cars) out on the side street (Digital Light Drive).  If you are dropped off, walk or rode a bicycle please get behind the car in front of you but be very careful.  Once we start, we may move you to the inside parking lot for safety reasons.

Have your paperwork (SCKK form) and one form of identification (Driver’s License for example) and something showing your eligibility (EBT Card, Disability Letter, etc.).  You will be asked for this when you get to the main counter.

We begin moving the line from Digital Light Drive to the parking lot.  you will see the line begin to move.  When you come to the front of the line a volunteer will tell you to proceed to the parking lot (when you do BE SURE TO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR OTHER CARS) or stop at the stop sign.  If at any time you are in the front of the outside line, please DO NOT proceed without instructions to do so by the outside line volunteer.

2nd line (inside parking lot line)
2nd line (inside parking lot line)

Once you are cleared to proceed to the parking lot, a volunteer will tell you to either park to the right or left. You will see cones.  Stay to the right of the cones!  If you need one of the very few handicapped spots, please let the inside parking volunteer know (though it’s likely we will have seen your placard already and have preparation if a spot is available).

Get out of your and proceed to the check-in counter line.  If you aren’t sure where it is, just ask one of the many volunteers you will see helping out.  Be prepared to hand one of the check-in counter volunteers your paperwork and appropriate documents.  Note: once you have been checked in on your first visit, you will be in our system.  You may still need to bring identification and something showing your need so always have both with you.

Check-in counter
Check-in counter

You will be asked to step aside and wait for your name to be called.  Once your name is called, one of our delivery volunteers will carry your pet’s food to your car.  Note: our delivery volunteers are exactly that… volunteers!  Each one is here to help SCKK and help put food in your vehicle for your pet.  While you may be having a bad morning, may have waited longer than expected in line or anything else that may be making your day other than ideal… we ask that you remember these fine folks are there to help you!

Once your food is in your car you are all set to leave.  The inside parking volunteer will direct you out of the parking lot.  When pulling out (no matter which way you are going), be especially cautious of traffic from both ways.

Q: Are there bathrooms available?

A: The short answer is “NO!”  The facility we use is a government facility.  We are not allowed to use their facility other than to distribute pet food.

Q: Are you able to accommodate my pet’s special dietary needs?

A: We are at the mercy of food donations and what we receive from donations. If your pet has a special dietary need, please let one of our check-in counter volunteers know.

Q: Why are the bar codes on the bags of food marked off?

A: We are here to help less fortunate families on the Space Coast feed their pets.  We mark off all bags of food to keep abuse to a minimum.  We want to make sure your pet’s belly is full!  In the unlikely event that you hear about someone taking advantage of our generosity, we ask that you kindly let one of our volunteers know.

Q: When I’m in the outside line I see cars cut the line

A: We assure you that nobody cuts any of our lines.  We do have cars dropping off donations during distribution. Occasionally one of our student volunteers gets dropped off by his or her parents.  Please do not jump all over a volunteer or fellow donation recipients when/if you think somebody cut the line.  In the unlikely even that somebody did cut the line, please contact one of our traffic line (outside/inside) volunteers.

Q: How come walkers and people on bicycles are taken sooner?

A: At the discretion of the traffic line volunteers, we may move walkers and cyclists to the inside parking lot.  We are all about helping feed your pets.  But we are also about making sure everyone is safe!  Everything we do is likely done for one of these two reasons.

Q: Do you ever run out of food?

A: Yes we have!  Though we take many measure to lessen the chance that we run out.  At the end of the day, we are at the mercy of donations and corporate sponsors. We do limit how much food each recipient can get.  We also ask for you to let us know if something has changed with your pet food donation needs.  Our goal is to provide enough food to each recipient to help feed their pets.  Please keep this mind each month during distribution. Arriving prior to 9am will decrease the chance of us running out of pet food when it’s your turn.

Q: Do you provide any assistance in spaying/neutering my pet?

A: We proudly partner with several community partners (organization, veterinary clinics and more) that offer low-cost and no-cost spaying and neutering. Be sure to ask one of our check-in counter volunteers for more information.  You can also contact us at (321) 220-7590 or by email at [email protected] for more information.  We also highly recommend you visit our good friends at Brevard ASAP (Aiding Shelter Animals Project) for information about their Snip-A-Pit Program and much more!

Q: I help feed a feral cat colony, can you help me?

A: Please contact us by phone: (772) 539-2417 or by email: [email protected] so we can discuss this with you further.