Help Us Fill Their Bowls

Fill Their Bowls… Not The Animal Shelter:
To many of us our pets are part of our family.  Our furry children so to speak!  Whether due to a job loss, rising bills, living in a sluggish economy or a multitude of other things, many Space Coast families continue to struggle to make ends meet.  When it’s impossible to cover bills many things suffer.  While most of us say we would feed our pets before we feed ourselves, there are many families with children in our community who can no longer do so.  Without food to feed their pets, many believe the only option is to surrender their pets to their local animal shelter.  This is where Space Coast Kibble Kitchen (SCKK) steps in to help.

Space Coast Kibble Kitchen is a regional Florida 501(c)(3) non-profit pet food bank that has been helping less fortunate families throughout the Space Coast since 2010.  Simply put: SCKK’s objective is to help provide pet food to low income families that meet standard guidelines for Government Food Assistance in order to keep these families from doing what none of us would ever want to do: abandon our furry friends!  While this task may seem daunting, hearing tearful stories thanking SCKK for pet food for what would have otherwise been another abandoned pet is heartwarming.  We help fill their bowls so as to not fill the animal shelter.

We have been very grateful to the Space Coast community for our success over the past several years.  Some months we’ve provided pet food to upwards of 1,000 pets.  Imagine the burden on our animal shelters if even a small percentage of these families abandoned their pets!  All of the pet food we hand out comes directly from pet food donations and, more importantly, financial contributions from supporters like you.

Filling the Animal Shelter Because We Can’t Fill Their Bowls:
Because of an unfortunate slowdown in food and especially financial donations, we are at risk of being unable to help those who rely so heavily on SCKK to help fill their pet’s bowl.  We need your help!  Pet food donations, corporate donations, personal donations of any amount and, equally important, helping get the word out to the media and our community will help SCKK continue to help keep their bowls filled and not the animal shelters’ cages.

Please Be Our Champion:
We need champions to help us help our furry friends.  At the end of the day, everything we do is done to help animals on the space coast who can’t help themselves.  Anything you can do to help our respective organizations reach this goal would be an absolute blessing.  A blessing for us… a blessing for those less fortunate in our community… and especially a blessing for cats and dogs around the Space Coast who need your help!  No parent or family should be faced with the haunting decision to surrender a pet in order to feed their children or pay an electric bill.  And with your help they won’t have to!

Please send financial donations to: “Space Coast Kibble Kitchen” – PO Box 411353, Melbourne, FL 32941 or visit to make a secure online donation (look for the “donate” button on the right side).  Donations of unopened pet food and supplies (flee shampoo, treats, leashes, bedding, collars, etc.) are also accepted and can be dropped off at Brevard County Petco stores in West Melbourne, Viera and Titusville. For information about volunteering and/or all other questions, please call (321) 220-7590 or visit

All of my fellow volunteers at Space Coast Kibble Kitchen join me in thanking you for your interest and support!

Space Coast Kibble Kitchen
Florida 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Pet Food Bank
Phone: (772) 539-2417