How We Help Our Community

How Space Coast Kibble Kitchen HelpsStatistics show that one in six American families are struggling to make ends meet and now rely on food banks as their only source of food. Sadly, these food banks, including major ones like, do not have pet food programs in place to help these same families feed their pets. With unemployment in Brevard County reaching record high double-digit numbers, the poor economy is not only affecting its people, but the welfare of their much-loved pets. Space Coast Kibble Kitchen’s goal is to make sure no pets are left behind or surrendered to local shelters in Brevard County due to the economic situation.

Space Coast Kibble Kitchen will be sustained completely by financial and resource donations from individuals, schools and corporations (including local businesses, grocery/pet food stores and pet food manufactures).

We’d like to thank our sponsors for contributing their time, business expertise and their money to help make Space Coast Kibble Kitchen a major success!